About me

Hi All, My name is Eli Buchumensky, I'm 3D Generalist,graduated B. Des from Bazalel Academy of Arts and Design on faculty of Visual Communication and Graphic Design.I was born in USSR in 1977 and living in Israel since 1991.
I have started my designer's career in 2004 as broadcast designer and after effects specialist. During the fist years of my career I've started self studding 3D art and switched my specialization to 3D designer.
   During last 7 years I had an opportunity to work in biggest Israeli animation and post production companies and took part of many interesting commercial projects.
   I also created my own animated project called "Urfin Jus and His Wooden Soldiers". This project was totally directed by me, including all  modeling ,rigging, texturing, character animation , layout ,VFX, lighting and shading. Nowadays I'm 3D generalist freelancer. Feel free to share your comments on by blog and to contact me : elibucho@gmail.com Phone:+972-863-3732


  1. Hi, may be the following crowd founding site can help?

    Regards, Holger (who read the Urfin book 30 years ago)

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  3. Hi i am a songwriter and composer my artist name is also Urfin,why?,becorse of the nice rare books of my youth in East Berlin,i don't understand why no movie is done from this much better Wolkow versions ,Only the old american Movie from the 1950's ,This is not enough,with the technology of today as your trailer is showing,the Movie would be a big success,like the cartoon Alice in Wonderland,or Harry Potter.So if you need help for the music someday,it would be a pleasure for me to do this .) some snippets from what i am doing you can listen to this side www.urfinrecords.com ,kind regards Urfin

  4. Thanks Urfin. It is really big honor to reply to actual Urfin.
    Anyway if it will be ever done i will definitely consider you.